Huddersfield – Arcade Beers – MELANIE O’DUBHSLAINE + EMBLA QUICKBEAM + CORE OF THE COALMAN – Thursday 30th June 2016

coredasarcadeWEB2Core Ist Das? presents a night of noise in the basement of a Huddersfield beer shop. Arcade Beers is at 6 Station Street, Huddersfield, just off the main square outside Huddersfield Train Station at 6, Station Street (on the side of Byram Arcade). It’s pay what you can and last train friendly.

Melanie O’Dubhslaine
Huddersfield born (though Bradford bred) Melanie is a member of The Wire cover stars Ashtray Navigations, Human Combustion Engine, Sculptress and also recorded as Ocelocelot. She’s collaborated with Bridget Hayden, Ceramic Hobs and Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides.

Embla Quickbeam
This is the project of Rowan Forestier-Walker. She works through manipulating field recordings to create extraordinary soundscapes. She’s recorded for the ever-reliable Chocolate Monk label in and Birghton and last November provided a live soundtrack to Alan Clarke’s classic film exploration of myth & landscape, “Penda’s Fen”.

Core Of The Coalman
Californian-born Jorge Boehringer has been recording as Core of the Coalman now for nearly 10 years with a string of releases on labels the world over and collaborations with Woven Skull, Liz Harris (Grouper) and To Live and Shave In L.A. He’s studied composition with Fred Frith, Pauline Oliveros and Alvin Curran

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