Leeds – Chunk – CHICALOYOH + CHEVAL SCINTILLANTES + MARLO EGGPLANT – Thursday 7th April 2016

chicaloyohWEBWas Ist Das? is teaming up with our dear friend Russell (aka Girl Sweat) to promote a show in Leeds under the banner of SWEAT IST DAS!

CHICALOYOH: French artist Alice Dourlen makes music that is strange, dark and beautiful. Like an acid-fried soundtrack to a Jean Rollin film or a mystic Patty Smith working with John Carpenter. She’s released records for labels like Digitalis, Brave Mysteries, Shelter Press and Was Ist Das? Rave reviews have followed from the Queitus, Freq, us and many more.

CHEVAL SCINTILLANTES: Cheval Scintillantes is Sophie Bernadou, a multi-instrumentalist who previously played in the trio Folle Eglise along with Alice Dourlen (aka Chicaloyoh). Both the tracks on here see Sophie displaying her creative talents with the cello. Her playing is passionate, intricate and inspired. She released her debut solo release on Was Ist Das? back in Autumn 2015

MARLO EGGPLANT: Marlo Eggplant is a prominent figure in a thriving and diverse international scene of female experimental music performers. With an intuitive command of minimal instrumentation, including processed autoharp and contact microphones, Marlo Eggplant’s sparsely structured notes and layered static textures build into sonically dense drone improvisations.

Tickets are £4 in adavance FROM HERE, £6 on the door & this is a bring your own beer venue

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