THE END (of Chapter 1)

Was Ist Das? gigs in the Calder Valley came to an end last night in a blaze of noise, folk and menstrual incense.
noise in the wood
I declined to make a speech last night because it was all too much but it has to be said Was Ist Das? gigs were not me alone. They were only possible with the help, support, encouragement, address books and equipment of so many.

It would not have been what it was without Mick West, Jonathan Lees, Jake Blanchard, Andrew Liles, Dave Ives, Sophie Cooper, Chris Price, Charlotte Meecham, G-Babbz, Rick Tomlinson, Gig, Roger & Elva at the Robin Hood, all the Trades Club people, Masonic Jim, Chris Hladowski, Fern Bast, Clive Russell, Jorge Boehringer, everyone who came and everyone who played. Everyone who ever said a kind word about the gigs.

This morning after is surreal. Its hard to believe it has ended and I know many of you last night don’t believe it has but it has. My remaining time spent in this country is going to be taken up with my day job and with preparing to leave this country.

The Owl Temple closes it doors for the last time in the valley. Somewhere far away on a dusty plain, an elf owl hears those doors echoing. Every ending is a beginning, it muses, and then the coyotes begin to make a strange noise.

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