Todmorden – Unitarian Church – MINORU SATO + RYOKO AKAMA + BEN GWILLIAM – Tuesday 11th August 2015

bens gigA unique triple bill that will explore process and instability in acoustic phenomena and electronic space. Three solo sets that will permeate and vibrate, this is a unique chance to see both Minoru & Ryoko on the same bill after the YO NO BI #1 tour. Todmorden is the only date that features this bill & again will be new works. Bring your own beer. £5 on the door.

Minoru Sato ia Japanese sound artist and curator. He has an interest in a relationship between a description of nature and an art representation, and is creating art works per physical phenomena and various concepts. His creative activities are explored in the form of installations, multiples, performances and texts. He was running a label called “WrK” from 1994 until 2006. Now he is producing music pieces by solo, collaboration with ASUNA and so on.

Ryoko Akama is another sound artist, composer and curator. Akama approaches the aesthetics of silence and time/space, pursuing minimal and abstract sonic experiences. Akama explores sine tone performances generated by old synthesisers and produces installations with small objects and electronics. She runs melange edition label and co-edits Reductive Journal.

Ben Gwilliam is an artist whose work spans sound, film, installation & performance. His work explores how the mechanics of sound medias’ reflect the ways in which we listen to and look upon the world around us. His fascination with making sound drives a curiosity that forms as durational performances and Installations, film & video works and writing. He is currently a PhD candidate at Oxford Brookes University based in the Sonic Arts Research Unit and he started moreorlessthan in 2015.

Yours truly will be DJing from his laptop between the sets. And before them. And after.

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