Todmorden – Unitarian Church – NICK HENNIES + MATT WAND – Friday 13th February 2015

henniesA great double-bill featuring compelling and immersive approaches to spatial music featuring solo percussion from American composer Nick Hennies, who’ll be performing pieces by Peter Ablinger, John Cage and premiering his own work for the first time on English shores, and a solo electronic performance by British Musician Matt Wand who will be delighting with his multi miniature speaker 8-bit-ness. Expect a maximalist/minimalist nibbling at the ears.

Additional musics finely spun by one of the valleys’ finest purveyors of all things amplified‘was ist das’ sound system.
One of the few ways that a bit of Terry Riley might meet Whitehouse!

All lovingly put together under one roof at the stunning Unitarian Church.

For those coming from Manchester or Leeds who will be trainin’ it, the concert will finish in good time to get a further pint or two with us or out int’ town before last train home.

There will be a Bar serving up local ales too.

Four sounds and further info please visit:

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