Hebden Bridge – Masonic Hall – WOODEN WAND – Saturday 27th September 2014

WANDWASISTDAS webWas Ist Das? is slowly winding down in the gigs in advance of moving to America in 2015. This will most likely be the last touring gig we will do in Hebden Bridge so it has to be something special…..something like Wooden Wand!

Simply our favourite singer-songwriter of modern times. He’s been praised by everyone from Uncut to Pitchfork via the national newspapers and the likes of us. Like Neil Young, he reinvents his sound every album taking in folk, alt-country, rock n roll and so many moods but never lets up with the great lyrics and music.

Earlier this year he released the amazing “Farmers Corner” on Fire Records, from which this song is taken:

It’s going to be a special night, there’ll be a very limited live cassette on Was Ist Das? released for this tour but thats not all….

Was Ist Das? is collaborating with Hand-Drawn Monkey Brewery for a beer to commemorate Wooden Wand’s 2014 UK tour so we will be serving Bobby Extra Stout. Its a hoppy stout and 6.5% so enjoy responsibly and if you can’t then take advantage of the fact this is a last train friendly gig! If you’re wondering why it’s called “Bobby” then click play:

Oh, and did I mention the support? No, I didn’t…..perhaps I am not going to…..but don’t arrive late or you WILL regret it!

Tickets on sale now at http://wasistdas.bigcartel.com/

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