Hebden Bridge, Birchcliffe Centre, Thursday 19th August – Hibernate First Birthday 2010


Thursday August 19th 2010 @ The Birchcliffe Centre, Birchcliffe Road, Hebden Bridge, HX78DG GOOGLE MAPS link

8.00pm, £5.

Hibernate celebrates it’s first birthday with a night of static, decay and bursts of melody featuring…

Ian Hawgood (http://www.koenmusic.com/)

Ian Hawgood needs no introduction. He has released an enormous number of releases under different monikers on countless labels, free mp3’s as well as physical releases. And besides that musical output he also runs three labels, home normal, tokyo droning and nomadic kids republic. Ian enjoys making music using piano, pump organ, mellotron, vibraphone, rhodes, guitar, old tube amps and other mostly vintage equipment.

Talvihorros (http://www.talvihorros.com/)

Talvihorros is an experimental composer from London, UK exploring the possibilities of the guitar. His compositions venture into the fields of ambient, experimental, drone, post-rock and folk but dont fall into the cliches associated with any of these genres. Old and broken equipment and recording techniques are favoured over new and modern tools. Both acoustic and electric guitars are layered with organ, synthesizer, mandolin, radio frequencies and various percussion instruments to create dense collages of sound, sometimes melodic, sometimes challenging but always captivating. Live Talvihorros performs solely with electric guitar and effects pedals.

Tom White (http://www.tomwhitesound.com/)

Born in 1986, Tom White is a sound and visual artist currently based in London. Working with found sounds, tape collage, mic feedback and fragments of instrumentation, to create composition, sound art and film sound. Tom also works with video and photography, often combining all practices.

Was Ist Das Soundsystem

Spinning a mixture of ambient & drone between sets.

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One Response to Hebden Bridge, Birchcliffe Centre, Thursday 19th August – Hibernate First Birthday 2010

  1. admin says:

    What a fantastic venue!

    Michael Cashmore – The Snow Abides
    Current 93 – She Is Naked Like The Water
    Cluster – Plas
    Rhys Chatham – A Crimson Grail Pt.1
    Popol Vuh – Vuh
    Faust/Nurse With Wound – Disconnected
    Kawabata Makoto – Ryo
    Grouper – Make Me Over/Little Boat/Boat Dance (Audrey)
    MV & EE – Environments

    Tom White’s set

    Twinsister Moon – Then Fell The Ashes…

    Talvihorros set

    Alice Coltrane – Wisdome Eye
    Mahikari – The Fog Peaks Of Hara
    Holger Czukay – Boat Woman Song

    Ian Hawgood

    Bonnie Prince Billy – Death To Everyone

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