Hebden Bridge – Inkfolk – MV & EE + THE DOOZER + BIRD PEOPLE – Friday 6th December 2013

MV&EE hebden webI think it is literally no exaggeration to say that last year’s MV&EE gig up in Cragg Vale was the most talked about event of the year in this neck of the woods. There is something pleasingly about bringing them back to Hebden’s temporary pop-up venue Inkfolk.

Blending and bending acoustic folk jams with rock and psych, the Vermont-based couple of Matt ‘MV’ Valentine and Erika ‘EE’ Elder graze upon the fields laid down by The Grateful Dead and Gene Clark, and swim in the depths with Loren Connors and The Dead C. Heroes who have blazed through all kind of colourful scenes and tags like a hot knife through space butter, they have created a body of work that has warmed many a soul through their releases (nigh on 200), exploratory live show and a whole host of visions and stereo experiments. Matt and Erika do things their own way, and this tour coincides with the release of a new digital-only record(via Revolver/Midheaven, details to follow) as well as a boutique LP release on UK label Blackest Rainbow, and maybe more releases to be inked in…the usually torrent of the goods.

For the past fifteen years Matt and Erika have been formulating an ancient-modern universe of sound from their homestead deep in the Vermont woods, via their own Child of Microtones and Heroine Celestial Agriculture imprints and a cottage industry of boutique labels, Ecstatic Peace, Woodsist, Blackest Rainbow, and 3-Lobed among them. Their discography is labyrinthine, documenting a long term vision that has stayed true to its course regardless of passing fads, and places them at the heart of of the US psychedelic underground. A singular exploration of American songform and the unknown worlds beyond.

We have two support bands for you. Firstly is the bands tour support, The Doozer. The Doozer is a frequently collaborator and contributor to both MV & EE live shows and albums. He’ll be doing his own set of his own sweet thing

Opening the night, all the way from Vienna is Bird People. Bird People first caught our ears with the excellent “A Pulse In The Void/Sky Huntress” album that mixed banjos, sitars, drones and ballads to blissfully lovely effect.

It’s £10 on the door but you can get an advance ticket with a free mix CD for just £8 from here

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