Cragg Vale – Robin Hood – FLOWER CORSANO DUO – Friday 19th July 2013

At last, we return to Cragg Vale!CHRIS CORSANO & MICK FLOWER

This is a rare chance to have these esteemed players on the same stage continuing on their unique collaborative project. An acutely musical collaboration between the renowned kinetic drummer Chris Corsano (Rangda, Joe Mcphee, Bjork, Evan Parker, Bill Nace) and Mick Flower (Vibracathedral Orchestra, MV & EE) on shahi baaja (Japanese banjo). Rolling ecstatic riffs and all kinds of improvised rhythms make for a song cycle worth savoring.

A very special two-piece that have an ultra-sensitive and special chemistry, that allow them to move audiences into special zones. Shows with Group Inerane, Merzbow and at ATP Festivals and in the back of pubs have all left people breathless. They have that power to elevate through rhythm and primal energy but are also able to harness delicate moments, eastern harmonics, a widescreen expansiveness and a thrilling sense of jazz, noise and melody.

“OK, so Flower/Corsano don’t build their music from advanced mathematics, more the intuitive logic of friendship and honed improvising skills; nor, I don’t think, are they intending to cause waking dreams or hallucinations. But those who witness one of their performances, at which Flower pulls endless solos from a strange long instrument with typewriter keys that perches incongruously on an ironing board, while Corsano manipulates kit, gongs, bells and junk like a one-man gamelan ensemble, frequently leave feeling a little unusual, certainly monopolized, transformed, wide-eyed with the thrill of having been pulled upward to a place of high-volume, perpetually mobile percussion and strings and left there for a bit longer than is normal.” Frances May Morgan, The Quietus

In support we have Sophie Cooper Band. Sophie has previously played with Cooper-Jones, Leopard Leg, Wing Horses, Tom Cool, Remedial Queen of England, The A Band and others. Her new project sees her blending noise with pop and drone music and she will be backed by Pascal from Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides on drums and the one and only Joincey.

Tickets are £10 on the door or £8 for an advance ticket with free mix CD from HERE

catch the train to Hebden as normal. From outside the train station, catch the C bus. This takes you straight to the pub. Just tell the driver you’re getting off at the Robin Hood and don’t know where it is and they’ll make sure you’re dropped off nice and near. C buses leave Hebden station at 17:55, 18:32, 19:12

The gig will finish around 22:00. There is a C bus back down to Hebden train station about 22:25. Last trains to Leeds are at 23:11 and 00:04. Last train to Manchester is 23:28. Last C bus to Heben leaves Robin Hood at 23:25. Enjoy.


A beautiful, scenic valley with plenty of history. The Robin Hood is right on the main road through Cragg Vale. We will be in their upstairs function room and the pub will be open from about 3pm serving quality ales and also hot food. If you want to explore more, there is also the Hinchcliffe Arms

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