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Hmmm, I may have possibley overdone it a bit with the "what if" motif here. I am also really not sure what lead me to claim the "classic early P.I.L. line-up" had been on speed (sorry all). Still, it's a great album and I still endorse it heartily.

TUSSLE - "KLING KLANG" (Smalltown Supersound)

What if........

What if Danny Krivit did a disco re-edit of Neu!
What if Can's disco experiments had really worked? A fusion of the Can sound with the finest disco rhythms?
What if the classic early P.I.L. line-up had been on E instead of speed?

What if? What if?

Here is the answer - "Kling Klang" an album by San Francisco act Tussle. These boys raise the kind of joyous noise you would associate with the likes of Can, Faust and Neu! and set it to a live but very deep, disco rhythm. Sometimes, the results veer close to the classic Public Image Ltd sound. The bass gets funky, percussion gets a good smack-down while the guitar and electronics get into the kosmische territories. Despite the association with two musical movements of the 70's, Tussle manage to sound fresh, mainly thanks to the overwhelmingly live sound. In fact, for all their obvious orgins, Tussle manage to sound thorougly modern. The nearest likeness would have to be !!! (pronounced chk-chk-chk).

The version of the album that I have is the European one which comes with some great bonus tracks and remixes. Perfect for alternative dancefloors, krauty-parties, half-converts, dancefloor weirdos, bass-lovers, percussion-heads, Jah Wobble fans, hypeactive Kosmische fans and punk-funk lovers.

Review by Ned Netherwood

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