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I must admit to having missed the fourth Múm album somehow, so this album, their fifth, came as a bit of a shock to me. Since the dark, Wintery sound of their third album there has been a lot of change, most notably being of vocalist Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir.

My first listen was a slightly underwhelming experience. I felt it all sounded very nice, but missed the melancholy of the third album “Summer Make Good”. However, after a couple of listens it becomes blindingly obvious that Múm have been given the keys to your memory by the deities of pop.

That is right, “pop”. I don’t mean the term in the crass, MTV-sense of the word but more in the classic notion of the melodies and lyrics that work their way into your mind. I am talking in the classic sense of Beatles, Beach Boys, Kraftwerk and Damo-era Can.

Múm take that infectious framework and manage to graft something new to it. Their beautiful arrangements are always forward looking with something fresh in the sound. The strings are gorgeous, ethereal choirs drift in and out of songs, there’s ukuleles, dulcimer, a parakeet and even a song with a strange sort of 80s disco beat.

It is the perfect experimental pop album for sunny Autumn days. Múm remain as charmingly hatstand and delicious as before.



Review by Ned

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