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Rather a portentous review here as it was my first time attending a gig in Hebden Bridge. The town is a very scenic Pennine town and coming from a dog-loving family, we were always visiting the countryside around it. Ever since my early 20s I had dreamed of living there when older and now I do. At the time of writing this preface, I live just around the corner from this venue.

MICHAEL ROTHER & MOEBIUS – Picture House, Hebden Bridge, 14th July 2006

So, I'd been itching to see Michael Rother (ex-Neu!) live for quite some time now and it fair raised my eyebrows when I heard he was coming to the picturesque Pennine village of Hebden Bridge near me alongside electronic wizard Moebius (of Cluster and Kluster) who he worked with on the classic Harmonia project. I was a definite punter anyway, but managed to land to job as DJ for the night was just the icing on the cake.

So, I took to the decks, accompanied by an excellent VJ called Jon and played a few favourite records which I wanted to hear boomed out in a lovely old cinema. Then it was support act DNCN doing a laptop set. It did feel slightly weird to watch someone play techno music in an all-seated venue, but then again, DNCN's music isn't all about the beats. There's melody and texture in there too, so experiencing it out of the context of a club made me appreciate it more in some strange way.

Then I went and played some more records and it was time for the maestros, Rother & Moebius. The set appeared to alternate between each other's compositions. Michael would rise with his guitar to play in his distinctive soaring sound to some driving electronic beats and would then descend to his computer, as something more cerebral and soundscape-ish would emerge.

This was no nostalgia trip. There were no sounds of the seventies. This was Rother and Moebius showing everyone what they're about today. Most of the tracks from their latest solo albums and, I'm pleased to report, showed them both to be as creative and gifted as ever. If you get the chance to see these masters at work, you have to.

Review & pics by Ned Netherwood

My DJ setlist:

First set
1.Tangerine Dream "Fly & Collision Of Comas Sola"
2.Mum "Green Grass Of Tunnel"
3.Bark Psychosis "Blue"
4.Doris "You'll Never Come Closer"
5.Howie B "Take Your Partner By The Hand"
6.Sun Ra "Strange Celestial Road"
7.Can "She Brings The Rain"
8.Goldfrapp "Lovely Head"

DNCN set

Second set
1.The Flaming Lips "Pompei Am Gotterdammerung"
2.Pink Floyd "Interstellar Overdrive"
3.Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve "Don't Cry Girl"
4.Guru Guru "Stone In"
5.Faust "Giggy Smile"
6.Can "Turtles Have Short Legs"


Thank you & goodnight set:
1.Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve "Dig It"
2.Four Tet "Smile Around The Face"

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