Light of the Owls by Kelly Louise Judd

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A damn fine tawny owl


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Save Britain’s Barn Owls

barn_owls_spl_4_470x317OK, something a bit more serious for a change. The Barn Owtl trust has launched a petition against the use of powerful rat posons that are killing Britain’s Barn owls. It is thought that 8 in 10 barn owls now have traces of the deadly toxins in their blood. Whilst not lethal to the owls, it is thought to affect their ability to hunt and breed.

Currently the UK government is reviewing the use of such poisons, so help create a little pressure and sign the petition HERE!

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Of course, there’s a coffee table book devoted to owls….

…why wouldn’t there be?


Get it here

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Cute Owl Pastel Drawing

Juxtapoz have published a serious of wonderful painting by John Pusateri of owls.

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Angry Fat Owl

Photographer Gabe Farnsworth accidentally bumped into the tree this owl was nesting in. The owl woke up, tumbled out of the tree and assumed this irate posture.

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The Owl Statue of Bohemia Grove

Bohemia Grove is a private boys club in the woods near San Francisco. Founded as a getaway for artists, musicians and actors to perform plays and music in private, it ended up being colonised by big league politicians and businessmen who get hopelessly drunk and wee everywhere [perhaps a premonition of the future of Glastonbury Festivals none to distant future]. Anyway, they built a great big owl statue there where they do a little annual ritual which conspiracy theorists see as proof that all our leaders are Satanists and owls are evil or something. Which is probably a more flattering version than the truth that they’re blowing all your money on big piss parties in the woods but still, nice owl.

For furthering reading on the subject and other conspiracies, I recommend Them: Adventures with Extremists by Jon Ronson.

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Bagpuss: The Owls Of Athens

Not only was “Bagpuss” probably the greatest childrens TV show of all time, they also had an Owlspoiltating second episode:

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Owl At Sea

While walking through Huddersfield Train Station, of all places, I stumbled upon the striking artwork of Carla Lee. The centrepiece of her display was this striking image of an Owl looking down over a ship at sea. I’d recommend having a look at her website

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Classic Owl Album Cover

Ohhh, to fly away on a giant owl while wearing your jim-jams, isn’t it what all of us dream of? While you’re at work? On the bus? No? Just me? Well, Gerry Rafferty understood.

Classic album, you can get it off amazon dead cheap

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