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OWL MUGS by night owl.

Get them from There are various colors to choose from and designs, or get a set of four of each design in one color. WOW. COLOR ME EXCITED. I feel positively owl. This is about as classy as it … Continue reading

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Lovely owls, feeling lo-o-o-ovely.

It’s a lovely life, being an owl. Thinking about the next mouse they’re going to make scream. Just kidding. I’m not, really. The truth is brutal…

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Owl Pants. Or leggings. Whatever you want to call them.

Our son loves to wear these… or do we love him to wear them? And you can find them cheaply everywhere. There are so many Owl pants out there, it would take a lot of posts to cover them all. … Continue reading

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If you’re nursing your nursling…

Then use one of these handy shirts–with an owl on it.     Get it HERRRRRRRRRRRRRRE!      

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