Lovely owls, feeling lo-o-o-ovely.

It’s a lovely life, being an owl.

Thinking about the next mouse they’re going to make scream.

Just kidding.

I’m not, really. The truth is brutal…

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2 Responses to Lovely owls, feeling lo-o-o-ovely.

  1. MR. OWL says:

    Hey guys, just stumbled across your website and I am extremely amused by what you’ve put together. I’m a DJ and producer going by the name of MR. OWL and I’m wondering if you guys make any of these videos yourself (or are they all reposts of others’ vids)?

    If so I’d love to discuss collaborating on a video using one of my originals as the audio track. Drop me an email please if you’re interested…

    Here is a link to my music:

    • YorkshireNed says:

      I’m afraid that all the videos in the Owlsploitation section are just found favourites that we wanted to reshare.

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