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Ned is the bloke who made the site and does most of the stuff relating to it from album review to gig promoting. He DJs in public sometimes as the Was Ist Das? Soundsystem. He used to work for the Alive guides and was born in Huddersfield. He likes hills, ales, dogs, beard-growing and owls. He also invented Tuesday.

Ian Smith

IanSalford-born Ian has an extensive discography that includes the bands Alfie and The Beep Seals, not to mention numerous credits for Badly Drawn Boy, Jim Noir and John Stammers. He is currently involved in a secret, krautrock-inspired project but if I told you about it, I’d have to kill you, so don’t ask. He is a keen fungi-forager and as a money-making sideline in the backrooms of certain notorious Pennine taverns, he wrestles bears in the nude for a baying crowd of farmhands.

Andy Garibaldi

Andy has written for so many different sites and publications now that he has lost track. He is particularly famed as  a champion of Dundee bands and local music scene via his website Dead Earnest (currently in digital hibernation). He denies any involvement in any studio sessions by the Average White Band, although he is lacking in credible alibis during certain key dates.

Holger Adam

HolgerHolger Adam is setting up shows in the Rhine-Main-Area as part of the Phantom Limbo collective, is one of the co-editors of the german testcard-journal and a regular contributor to the austrian skug-magazine. He’s spending too much money on records – but who doesn’t? Holger recently won the Rhine Valley All-In Beach Volleyball league despite having nobody else in his team except an elderly dachshund named Alex and a life-size cardboard cut-out of Lenin.

Stuart Douglas

yetiStuart runs Obverse Books, a small independent operation specialising in the weird and wonderful, including works by the likes of Michael Moorcock, George Mann and Paul Magrs. In addition, Stuart has co-edited several anthologies featuring the character Iris Wildthyme. He is perhaps best known for inventing Sherlock Holmes long before Conan ripped him off.

Colin Robinson
Cuddly Colin first came to prominence as heart-throb frontman of Mancunian experimental prog icons Big Block 454, who set the hearts of Stuart Maconie and Stewart Lee aflutter. Nowadays he frequents the valleys of Calder and records in the duo Churn Milk Joan (with Richard Knutson) and makes solo ambient recordings with a Yorkshire flavour as Jumble Hole Clough, not to mention playing bass in One Direction.

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