Can – Live In Brighton 1975

So, the second release in this series and its the same year as the first volume. When I heard that I groaned a little but don’t worry, there’s little in common. Whereas the previous one saw them jamming out some new themes, this set the jams are touching on some familiar motifs. We get a very recognizable “Vernal Equinox”, “Dizzy Dizzy” and some explorations on theme of “Vitamin C”, though its like the free concert film when they riff on “Spoon” and “Mother Sky” in the very loosest sense.

They’re really as much wildly alternative versions of your old favorites, with plenty of fresh jamming, inspiration and Canly goodness. The tightly wound rhythm section of Jaki and Holger remains unbeatable, a luxurious foundation for Karoli & Schmidt to sketch over. Oh to only have been able to have been there!

What really kind of hammers home what strange alchemy was happening in Can’s concerts is as mentioned, that two shows from the same year with the same line-up could be such constellations apart. They’re both apparently from the same guys cassette collection but some wonder of technology has somehow again made this sound properly clear, vivid, deep and tasty.

I don’t know how many albums there’s going to be in the series but I am definitely hungry for more. This is some vintage Can magic and I want more and more and more.

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