Amon Düül – Paradieswärts Düül


Amon Düül records are known to be snapshots from chaotic freak-outs: “Disaster / Lüüd Noma”, “Collapsing / Singvögel Rückwärts” and “Psychedelic Underground” – each one a glorious racket, a whirlwind made of distorted guitars, bass, drums, piano, bongos and tambourine. I love them all, but…

“Paradieswärts Düül” is quite the opposite: An easy-going record consisting of three psychedelic-folk tunes. “Loooooooooove Iiiiiiiiiiis Peeeeeeeeeeace / Freedom Is Haaaaarmooooonyyyyyy” – the chorus of the first song is like the mantra to the whole record and that song in particular is incredible. Repeated endlessly the message is as evident as tautological – inescapable. And who am I to disagree? I’m singing along: “Loooooooooove Iiiiiiiiiiis Peeeeeeeeeeace / Freedom Is Haaaaarmooooonyyyyyy!”

Out of all the music recorded by Amon Düül/Amon Düül II I think “Paradieswärts Düül” is their finest moment. Considering the mighty “Phallus Dei” that’s maybe a controversial statement, but still: “Paradieswärts Düül” is IT!

Why? Because: “Loooooooooove Iiiiiiiiiiis Peeeeeeeeeeace / Freedom Is Haaaaarmooooonyyyyyy!” – you brightly-coloured butterfly, you!

Seriously, the record’s a gem, give it a try and you’ll immediately become a dedicated disciple of that hippy-dippy Kindergarten.

Its second track “Snow Your Thurst And Sun Your Open Mouth” begins as a loosey-goosey jam that at 5:15 minute is suddenly interrupted and uplifted to a hazy sky full of marshmallow clouds. And when the sky has cleared up again, the “Paramechanische Welt” awaits! Turn on, tune in – and bongo away!

Back in 1970 the trip ended when the Bongos faded out, but – oh, mercy of the late birth! – the vinyl-rerelease of “Paradieswärts Düül”, made available through WahWah-Records in 2008 also contains two extra tracks!

There’s the sleepy “Eternal Flow” and – compared to “Paramechanische Welt” – the electrified and bluesy “Paramechanical World”, which sound-wise is somewhat close to “Love Is Peace”. So, “Paradieswärts Düül” is coming full circle, so to speak, but remember: “I’m searching with my friends for a land where every circle has its end, … and now everybody: “Loooooooooove Iiiiiiiiiiis Peeeeeeeeeeace / Freedom Is Haaaaarmooooonyyyyyy!”



review by Holger Adam

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