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I think an appropriate headline for this review would be “HOLY FUCK”. Last time I saw Faust, a year and a half ago, they were a guitar band playing classic songs with a psychedelic twist. Tonight, Faust were a digital vortex sucking my mind out through my eye-sockets with a demented whirlpool of new material. After the huge surprise of how fresh and different Faust sounded last time I saw them, I thought I knew Faust. I thought I knew what to expect. How wrong could I get?

Tonight, Zappi was hammering out primal, tribal drumming. Jean-Herve was half shaman-chanter and half poet. Colin Potter [of Nurse With Wound] whipped up a dark storm of sounds and a lady whose name I didn't catch playing keyboards, melodica and clarinet. This was Faust blasting off into a whole world of outer sounds. This was Faust being utterly modern and utterly Faust. There were also sparks, a chainsaw, some ironing and a whole lot of charm and presence up on stage.

Frankly, I am a little lost for words here. All I can really say by way of conclusion, is that if you ever get the chance to see Faust live, then take it. They are as deliriously joyful as they are unpredictable.

Review by Ned Netherwood

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