1.What is this website all about?

2.Why is so much of it scanned from hand writing instead of typed?

3.What happened to the old website?

4.Would you be interested in reviewing our band(s)?

5.Could I get involved with this site?

6.Can you name a few good albums to start me off with?

7.Do you have the contact details for [name of musician]?

8.I really like your website!

9.We were swapping e-mails when the old website went down

10.Why does the new website have such a nature theme?

11.Isn’t the term “krautrock” a bit racist?

12.Isn’t it just prog rock?

13.Who are you?

14.Why is your hand writing so bad?

15.Why is your website so crap?

16.How can we get our music on your radio show?

17.How often is the radio show going to be produced?

18.Why do you use Times New Roman font so much?

19.Isn’t this just hippy music?

20.Is Yeti name after the Amon Duul II album?