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I actually like this article. It’s short, gives you some nonsense, some background information and then tells you if it’s any good or not. That’s all I ever want from a record review, so I’m quite pleased to find I managed to write one like that. I have made some mild edits and corrections to it but have put them in this colour so you can see where I've been changing history


It's a bit like you are listening to an instrumental part of The Velvet Underground's "Black Angel's Death Song" when someone sneaks up behind you and shoots you in the back of the head. As the bullet tears through your brain, there is a sudden moment when your perception of time is destroyed and those last few moments of your life are somehow spun out into a bewildering hour. This is how the last moment of music would sound.

This is a live album. This is a live album wherein minimalist violinist Tony Conrad revisits his 1972 collaboration with Faust some 23 years later in London. What makes it all the more remarkable is this was only his third meeting with the band (the second being for another mid 90s concert). It's just Conrad with Jean-Hervé and Zappi of Faust along with premier leftfieldist Jim O'Rourke.

Let's not mince words: the original album had a startling power but is now pretty much rendered obsolete by the sheer blistering intensity of this harsh, live version. It has much more zest, more agression, more impact. It somehow burns itself into your mind and leaves behind such an imprint, that you can still hear it playing once the CD has ended, much like the way a bright light leaves it's mark on your eyes after it's switched off.

To sum it up in 2 words: shit hot

Review by Ned Netherwood

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