Was Ist Das? Radio Show for May is here!

Nearly two hours of no talking, non-stop best new music releases and reissues!

Here we have the whole tracklist with timestamps (thank you G-Babbz). What a show! Always a pleasure to be able to play some Coil and Les Rallizes Denudes but what amazing new stuff to pair it with!

0:00:30 – Frankie “Close” from the album “Styx”
0:08:00 – Alabaster DePlume “Don’t Forget Your Precious” from the album “Gold”
0:22:58 – Asher Gamedze & Alan Bishop “Wild Cat Strike” from the album “Out Side Work”
0:28:16 – Lustmord “Er Ev Os (MONO)” from the album “The Others”
0:37:03 – David Colohan “Turnpike Lights” from the album “Night, North Paterson”
0:40:10 – The Order of the 12 “Against The Tide” from the album “Lore of the Land”
0:44:44 – Dogs Versus Shadows “Along The Electric Leys” from the album “The Lull of the Ley”
0:46:04 – Joyful Talk “Take It To The Grave” from the album “Familiar Science”
0:52:52 – Xpedient “E0006” from the album “787B”
0:57:22 – Dȁlek “Decimation (Dis Nation)” from the album “Precipice”
1:00:52 – Dikeman/Gonzalez/Hȧker Flaten “Midnight Photosynthesis” from the album “Texas Butt Biters”
1:09:33 – Reichmann – Weltweit (Bureau B edit)
1:14:13 – Water Damage “Reel 5B” from the album “Repeater”
1:21:18 – Zombie Zombie “12 Consortium” from the album “Vae Vobis”
1:23:56 – Cheb Terro vs DJ Die Soon “We Destroy The Family” from the s/t album
1:27:13 – Les Rallizes Dénudés “White Awakening” from the album “The Oz Tapes”
1:30:54 – Dunza “Disowned” from the album “Star Client”
1:38:12 – Coil “Batwings” from the album “Musick to Play in the Dark Vol 2”
1:55:25 – Murdock & Pat Fulgoni “Come Together” single

Radio show back to not normal

The latest radio show is now up online on Mixcloud for repeated plays. After the last two shows being themed mixes, we’re now back to the regular format of just playing new releases and yapping a lot about them.

Ennio Morricone – The Vice of Killing
Dave Evans – Magic Man
Eleanour Cully – Hard To Shout In Loud Rooms
One Eleven Heavy – Valley Bottom Fever
Andy Bown – Tarot
The Fall – Living Too Late
DG 307 – Co Sme?
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. – Pink Lady Lemonade (Electric Dream Ecstasy)
The Grateful Dead – That’s It For The Other One
Father Murphy – Mercy & Truth
Sunn Trio – 6
Lana Del Rabies – Prophet
Cardiacs – To Go Off & Things
Sophie Cooper – Fake Fever
Galloping Coroners – Másféle Taj
The Weather Station – Thirty
Wooden Wand – Hall of Mirrors
Sunwatchers – New Dad Blues
Zu93 – (the Absence of the Mirror Emperor)
Alexander Tucker – Visiting Again
Katalin Ladik – Oplakivanje

New Wooden Wand Album Announced + free mp3 off it

Bad news is, there’ll be no Wooden Wand album out this year to make the end of year list, but the good news is it’s out January and we have a free mp3 off it. In fact, the US release date is my birthday! Its called “Blood Oaths of the New Blues” and is out 7th January Europe, 8th US on Fire Records. The album sees him reunited with fellow musicians from the Briarwood album and he will be touring with David Hickox, Janet Elizabeth Simpson, Jody Nelson, Brad Davis and Les Nuby III early next year. Somewhere along the line Wooden Wand became a BAND

Help kickstart the new Wooden Wand LP

An interesting project here from Wooden Wand that you can help kickstart. I’ll let the man himself tell you:

Hi Friends,

I was recently invited to record for a split 7″ with my friend Duquette Johnston (formerly of Verbena) and his band the Gum Creek Killers, for release on the Communicating Vessels label. Instead of just sending a track I had in the archives, Duquette suggested I visit him in Birmingham and we record our sides together, from scratch, with the same band. It was one of the most positive recording experiences I’ve ever had, and I immediately wanted to make a whole record this way.

After much hemming and hawing, deliberation, and advice-seeking, I’ve decided to use Kickstarter to fund this project. Initially weary of this new model, I have since come around to it in a big way. I feel that this sort of interaction with fans (and the removal of middle men) is a revolutionary step in the right direction toward fixing a decrepit, crooked music biz. I thought that using the interim between my latest record Death Seat and the next wide release Wooden Wand full length would be the ideal time to test these waters.

The idea is to release the album on limited edition vinyl, and then offer downloads for a limited time. The money raised would be used for studio time, travel accommodations, mixing, mastering, and 500 LPs with professionally printed sleeves. We also need to feed everybody. We’re hoping to exceed our goal, and we are undershooting quite a bit to meet it no matter what. I think this record will be a great one.

The LP will be under the name WOODEN WAND & THE BRIARWOOD VIRGINS. The Briarwood Virgins is the name I’ve given the band that features all four members of the Gum Creek Killers, plus Jody Nelson (Through The Sparks) and Brian Lowery (Wooden Wand, The Only Sons).

Ideally, we would record in March / April and have the LPs and gifts ready to go by summertime. These gifts range from super limited versions with letter-pressed covers, to zip drives full of demos, to a private gig in your living room where you choose the setlist.

You can find the project here:
Upon request, I will gladly email you a demo of a song I’m planning to cut for the record, so you know what you’re getting yourself into. 🙂

If you receive this in error, or get it more than once, I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. There will be no follow-up email unless you express interest in the project.

Thanks, as always, for your support.

James Jackson Toth, Wooden Wand

Fuck it, here’s a top ten releases of 2010

OK, said I wasn’t going to do it but, fuck it, I’m doing it anyway


An amazing new band, full of imagination and vision. Patient Zero is a dark concerpt record that brings the strangeness of our streets out into plain view.


2010 was a good year for Hibernate Recordings who put out such a string of stunning albums that it felt like you could sit and compile a top ten for Hibernate releases this year. However, it was the final pair of releases on the label that created the biggest impression. This one took the final post by the scale of it’s ambition and it’s psychotropic properties.


Not a cash on but a natural continuation of Gira’s recent direction with Angels of Light, the new Swans line-up brought back some old hands from their noisey days and kept on mighty percussion & dulcimer basher Thor. The results are a very 2010 album that blazes both an ecstasy of noise and deep, dark ballards.


Probably an album that will be in everyone else’s lists from NME to classic rock magazine to Mojo. Don’t care, it has to be in mine. Endlessly inventive, ambitious and accomplished post-rock explorations. A kaleidoscope of influences reimagined into a dramatic hold. This was something bold and fresh for 2010.


Mice Parade have been secretly brilliant for a few years now and this album is one of their best. Fresh, breezy, dreamy rock music with traces of African folk, Sonic Youth, krautrock and post-rock.


Stunningly beautiful as always, a satisying addition to Antony’s intimidatingly good body of work. Highlights include a duet with Bjork, a couple of orchestral collaborations and the hallucinogenic title track


It seemed a real shame when this classic Nurse With Wound album came out in 2008 but only on CD. Finally released on vinyl this year in a brand new mix. If the fans who pretend to be albinos down at the Slimelight were outraged by the demented 1950s swing vibe of the original mix, this new, mellower mix must have caused them to faint. This new version is the definite article: like the soundtrack to a film noir Chandler adaptation by Fellini on LSD. Delerious joy from England’s definite musical surrealists.


They may have just celebrated their 25th anniversary but their last three albums (including this) have been the absolute peak of their distinguished career. David Tibet’s vocals may divide like marmite but only an idiot would try to deny the sheer poetry of his visionary lyrics. His backing group are a force to be reckoned with too. Boasting James Blackshaw on guitar, Baby Dee on keyboards and Andrew Liles at the controls, the music could not be anything other than heaven. The essential companion album “Haunted Waves, Moving Graves” turns two tracks from “Baalstorm” into stripped-down, earth-stopping ambient tracks.


Oh, how this one has spun and spun and spun endlessly on my turntables this year. Amazing lo-fi folk and drone music. Just spell-binding. Once played nearly all of side 2 in one go in a DJ set..I would have managed it all but a band came on. Twinsistermoon has been a major discovery for me this year, will be watching her closely in 2011 and her main project Natural Snow Buildings.


One of those albums that just make you wonder why everybody in the world isn’t listening to it? This man is our Dylan and this album is perfect. Every song on here is a classic and with Gira on production bringing together a huge backing group, this feels like the most full, complete Wooden Wand release yet to date.

That thing I mentioned in the last podcast? The thing I was going to do instead of a top ten? I am still working on it…..

Podcast#7 – it’s on

yeah, I finally finished Podcast#7

here it is as an embedded stream from our Mixcloud page:

If you want to download it, better pop over to the Podomatic Page

Now, as I did forewarn previously, we only use the free option of Podomatic which includes storage restrictions. This does mean, unfortunately, that we have now had to delete the first two podcasts off there. From now on, when one goes up, another must come down.

Of course, the old ones are still available for streaming from Mixcloud at http://www.mixcloud.com/wasistdas/

Perhaps in future we might upgrade to a paid for Podomatic account so you can download all the old ones but no plans for now.

Jack Rose tribute album NOW ready

Three Lobed Recordings have put out a six and a half hour long download-only tribute album to Jack Rose.

It costs $15 and all the proceeds go to Jack’s estate. “Honest Strings: A Tribute To The Life And Work Of Jack Rose,” will be up soon exclusively from the download portion of the Thrill Jockey site, FINA

You can download the 41-track recording from the following link :


The album features exclusive material from:

Alvarius B.
Elisa Ambrogio
Bardo Pond
Nathan Bowles
Stuart Leslie Braithwaite
Hans Chew
Coach Fingers
Byron Coley with Son of Earth
Luther Dickinson
Chris Forsyth
Danny Paul Grody
Steve Gunn
Heather Leigh
Hush Arbors
C Joynes
Joseph Mattson (reading from “Empty The Sun”)
Jenks Miller
Bill Nace
No Neck Blues Band
Cian Nugent
Charlie Parr & Mike Gangloff
Six Organs of Admittance
Spectre Folk
D. Charles Speer
Spiral Joy Band
Sunburned Hand Of The Man
lloyd Thayer
Rick Tomlinson
James Toth, Kerry Kennedy and Jason Meagher
Cath & Phil Tyler
Scott Verrastro / Nathan Bowles
Zaika with Loren Connors
Zaika with Paul Flaherty