The July radio show is now available on Mixcloud

Yesterday Was Ist Das? returned to CAMP Radio to resume our monthly radio show. Now you can listen again on Camp’s Mixcloud page:

The tracklist is:

The Bug – Opening Credits (theme for Kris)

Old Million Eye – Return of the Son

Eric Arn – The Glass Scarab

Wil Bolton – Beyond The River

System 7 – AlphaWave (Gliss Mix)

Expo Seventy – The Slow Death of Tomorrow

Burial – Dark Gethsemane

Liles/Maniac – Soulburn

Violet Cold – Pride

Six Organs of Admittance – J’ai Mal aux Dents

Laibach – Smrt Za Smrt

Josh Doss – No Conditions

Can – Zwei

Festive Greetings from Hibernate and Home Normal

“Festive Greetings from Hibernate and Home Normal” is a 16 track download album featuring Antonymes, The Boats, Offthesky, Machinefabriek, Strom Noir, Good Weather for an Airstrike, Ithaca Trio, Isnaj Dui, Wil Bolton, The Frozen Vaults, Konntintent with Leyli, Upward Arrows, Listening Mirror with Alicia Merz, Clem Leek, Anna Rose Carter with Christopher Bailey and Daniel Thomas Freeman.

The album has been mastered by Wil Bolton and features artwork from Lucia Mancilla Prieto.
The full album can be downloaded in from Bandcamp in return for a donation where 100% of the proceeds will go to the Archway Foundation, established in Oxford in 1982 by Paul Hawgood to help serve those hurt by loneliness.
Bandcamp >
There is a mix online featuring all the tracks HERE

New Japan fundraiser

“Kanshin” is a new compilation album curated by Daniel Crossley of Fluid Radio and Jonathan Lees of Hibernate. 100% of the profit goes to direct relief for Japan via Ian Hawgood who lives in Japan. He and his wife are working directly with groups such as Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support. Ian himself has contributed a collaboration with Peter Jörgensen.

The album features 31 tracks from leading figures in the new experiemental ambient movement such as Clem Leek, Hummingbird, Wil Bolton, Field Rotation, Library Tapes, Felicia Atkinson, Listening Mirror, Antonymes and Kyle Bobby Dunn.

The album can be bought or double CD or download for more info, go here

Podcast#7 – it’s on

yeah, I finally finished Podcast#7

here it is as an embedded stream from our Mixcloud page:

If you want to download it, better pop over to the Podomatic Page

Now, as I did forewarn previously, we only use the free option of Podomatic which includes storage restrictions. This does mean, unfortunately, that we have now had to delete the first two podcasts off there. From now on, when one goes up, another must come down.

Of course, the old ones are still available for streaming from Mixcloud at

Perhaps in future we might upgrade to a paid for Podomatic account so you can download all the old ones but no plans for now.