HCMF 2015 brings AMM to Huddersfield

ammThe 2015 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival is back again this Winter, running November 20th to the 29th. There’s a lot of highlights but of particular interest is the closing concert from AMM, the first appearance together in a decade of John Tilbury, Eddie Prévost and Keith Rowe!

Other high points include a never performed adaptation of Stockhausen by Derek Bailey, sound installations by Composer In Residence Jürg Frey, The Theatre of Eternal Music Brass Ensemble performing works by La Monte Young, Berlin Splitter Orchestra and much more.

As ever, go to http://www.hcmf.co.uk/ for more details

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Exciting New German Festival TROGLOBATEM

Bear_Bones_Lay_Low__nov2014A new underground music festival has started up in Stuttgart on Friday 25th & Saturday 26th September at a venue called TAUT (Temporary Artists Utopia Tool).

Lots of Was Ist Das? favourites on the bill including Head of Wantastiquet (Paul from Sunburned Hand of the Man), Eugene Chadbourne with John Schröder, Hartmut Geerken with Jooklo Duo, German free jazzers Fifty-Fifty, Fuchs Flamingos (the wonderful Flamingo Creatures in collaboration with Limpe Fuchs of krautrock mentalists Anima), Günter Schlienz, Bear Bones, Lay Low and many more.

Know more by going to http://irgendeinscheiss.de/shitstock/2015_troglobatem

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Radiophonic Workshop’s John Baker Subject Of New Compilation

JBtriptychAs you may or may not know, the reason things have been a little quieter on the site for the last year is because I’ve been working on a book about the Radiophonic Workshop for Obverse Books. We all know about Delia Derbyshire and probably Brian Hodgson and Daphne Oram too but another genius of the early years was John Baker, the subject of a new compilation “The Vendetta Tapes” coming soon on Buried Treasure. John had a classical background and played in jazz bands while at the Workshop, influences that often snuck into his electronic music. He never directly worked on Doctor Who although a couple of his pieces were reused in Cybermen story “The Invasion”.

Anyway, I could go on but you can buy the book if you want more info. As Buried Treasure sell via bandcamp you can have a listen yourself right now. “The Vendetta Tapes” is coming out on CD, vinyl and download.

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R.I.P. Dieter Moebius

Sorry to learn that Dieter Moebius passed away this morning.

Moebius was first in the band Kluster with Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Conrad Schnitzler. Their recordings in this era were unusually harsh, almost industrial. Then Moebius/Roedelius broke away from Schnitzler and began recording as Cluster with producer Conny Plank. This era saw them embrace a sound more in tune with the German scene of that era and they made records just as challenging, timeless and innovative as Kluster but with softer edges.

A collaboration with Michael Rother of Neu! lead to three piece supergroup Harmonia whose two studio albums are held up as absolute classics of the era and drew in Brian Eno as a collaborator both with Harmonia and Cluster.

Moebius leaves behind a vast body of work and many more classic collaborations such as his albums “Material” and “Rastakraut Pasta” made with Conny Plank. I had the pleasure of meeting him once when he played Hebden Bridge back in 2006 and I was DJing. He seemed sweet, unassuming and charming. He also gave me a couple of bottles of beer from his rider which guarantees my eternal thanks.

This October German label Groenland are releasing a deluxe Harmonia box set with both studio albums, the Brian Eno collaboration, their live album and some unreleased material. Although Moebius may have sadly left us, his music shows no signs of going away and continues to fascinate and inspire. Our commiserations to all who knew him well.

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Manuel Göttsching to play E2-E4 in Hebden Bridge

e2e4Delighted to be finally able to tell you that our friends Inkfolk are bringing Manuel Göttsching to Hebden Bridge Picture House to play his classic 1984 “E2-E4” album in its entirety.

No ticket details yet but will make sure to share them with you when I get them.

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New Carlton Melton music

a new Carlton Melton album is always a prospect that generates warm enthusiasm round here, so it gives me great pleasure to post a track off the next one. The new album is called “Out To Sea” and comes out July 4th. Here’s a taster for you:

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R.I.P. Edgar Froese

Tangerine Dream founder Edgar Froese passed away on January 20th from a pulmonary embolism. Here he is on guitar back in 1969

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Soul Jazz to release Popol Vuh compilation

Genre-spanning archivists Soul Jazz are putting out a 3 disc Popol Vuh compilation entitled “Kailash”. The first CD focus on Florian Fricke’s solo piano music, CD2 will be Popol Vuh’s soundtrack to the film “Kailash” and the third disc will be a DVD of “Kailash” itself, a documentary film charting the film-maker Frank Fiedler & Florian’s ascent of a real life holy mountain.

CD 1 – Piano Recordings
01. Spirit Of Peace 1
02. Spirit Of Peace 2
03. Spirit Of Peace 3
04. Mahayana (Karuna)
05. The Heart
06. Earth View
07. Moses
08. Garden Of Pythagoras

CD 2
Kailash – Pilgrimage To The Throne Of Gods (Original Soundtrack)
01. West Tibet – Land Of The Nomads
02. The Garden Morya
03. Manasarowar – The Turquoise Lake
04. Nomads Move
05. Last Village
06. West Face – Place Of Death
07. The Kora – Ritual Circuit Of The Sacred Mountain
08. Valley Of The Gods
09. Buddah’s Footprint
10. Transhimalaya

Kailash – Pilgrimage To The Throne Of Gods

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Gotten pretty fixated with this album recently…

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lost classic: Deadfolk – Awakening & Awakening

Not just a lost classic but a bargain too. Found this 2008 bandcamp release that is pay what you can and just mind-blowing. Highest quality psychedelic folk that takes you to The White Lodge.

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