Andrew Liles releases 24 Hour album

incommensHoly shit, erstwhile Nurse With Wound member (and regular Current 93 collaborator) Andrew Liles has suddenly gone and released an album on his bandcamp page that lasts a record 24 hours. Titled “Incommensurable Magnitudes”, it takes in 26 tracks to cover the 24 hours. Obviously I’ve not had the chance yet to experience all of it but what I have taken in suggests a dark, insidious drone work akin to “Soliloquy For Lilith” or “Salt Marie Celeste”. It’s a bargain at £24 for the sonic equivalent of Man vs Food.

New Carlton Melton & Hellvete vinyl from Blackest Rainbow

One our favourite labels has just started taking pre-orders for two very tasty sounding vinyl releases.
BRR252-12 Inch Vinyl Outer Sleeve_3 mm Spine
First up is “Four Eyes” EP by Carlton Melton. A taster to get you in the mood for a forthcoming album on Agitated, it is a limited edition of 600 copies with only with 300 of them on coloured vinyl.

Then there’s the brand new record from Hellvete aka Glen Steenkiste, founding member of Silvester Anfang and their more recent incarnation Sylvester Anfang II. Currently Glen is also frequently collaborating with his fellow Anfang member, Ernesto Gonzalez (aka Bear Bones Lay Low) in their free-drone project Gonzalez & Steenkiste. But whilst being active in these projects he still finds time to craft his own music. “Sint-Denijs” is his second solo full length vinyl release following his “De Gek” lp for Kraak Records from 2010, and several great cassette and CDR releases for fantastic labels like Funeral Folk, Sloow Tapes, Audiobot and SicSic Tapes.

Spacemen 3 news

It’s a sudden flurry of Spacemen 3 news, would you believe it?

Sadly, they’re not reforming like Loop kindly have, but Fire Records are reissuing the first three albums on coloured vinyl

And there’s a previously unreleased instrumental version of “Why Couldn’t I See?” along with new tracks from Sonic Boom’s Spectrum and MGMT on a forthcoming GPS anniversary 7″ [was due to come out about now but MGMT’s label have asked GPS to wait a bit]

Souljazz release second “Deutsche Electronische Musik” compilation

sjr265Souljazz records are issuing a second volume of their “Deutsche Electronische Musik” series. Available as download, double CD or two seperate double LPs, this time the track listing is:


1. A.R. & Machines – Globus (2:57)
2. Can – Halleluwah (4:42)
3. Roedelius – Le Jardin (4:26)
4. Michael Rother – Karussell (5:22)
5. Popol Vuh – Der Grosse Krieger (3:10)
6. Michael Hoenig – Sun and Moon (4:13)
7. Agitation Free – You Play For Us Today (6:15)
8. DAF – Co Co Pino (3:23)
9. Harald Grosskopf – Emphasis (4:54)
10. Amon Düül II – A Morning Excuse (3:17)
11. Conrad Schnitzler & Wolf Sequenza – Fata Morgana (5:12)
12. Bröselmaschine – Nossa Bova (8:06)
13. Eno, Moebius & Roedelius – Base & Apex (4:30)
14. Gila – In A Sacred Manner (4:41)
15. Wolfgang Riechmann – Himmelblau (8:44)


1. A.R. & Machines – Als Hätt Ich Das Alles Schon Mal Gesehen (5:28)
2. Gila – Sundance Chant (4:10)
3. NEU! – Isi (5:00)
4. Pyrolator – Danger Cruising (3:15)
5. Sergius Golowin – Die Weisse Alm (5:55)
6. You – Electric Day (5:48)
7. Niagara – Gibli (5:26)
8. Popol Vuh – Ja Sie Sollen Gottes Kinder Heissen Agnus Dei, Agnus Dei (2:42)
9. Rolf Trostel – Der Prophet (9:42)
10. Electric Sandwich – China (8:08)
11. Asmus Tietchens – Zeebrugge (7:01)
12. Faust – Krautrock (11:47)

New Wooden Wand Album Announced + free mp3 off it

Bad news is, there’ll be no Wooden Wand album out this year to make the end of year list, but the good news is it’s out January and we have a free mp3 off it. In fact, the US release date is my birthday! Its called “Blood Oaths of the New Blues” and is out 7th January Europe, 8th US on Fire Records. The album sees him reunited with fellow musicians from the Briarwood album and he will be touring with David Hickox, Janet Elizabeth Simpson, Jody Nelson, Brad Davis and Les Nuby III early next year. Somewhere along the line Wooden Wand became a BAND

Godspeed You! Black Emperor announce new album is coming out…in two weeks

a new Godspeed You! Black Emperor album sleeve, recently

In an typically unexpected move, Godspeed You! Black Emperor have just announced they are about to release their first new album in a decade in less than two weeks time. “Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!” comes out on Constellation on October 15th as CD, download or a 180g LP with a 7”.

The album consists of two twenty-minute instrumentals previously known as “Albanian” and “Gamelan”, now properly titled as “MLADIC” and “WE DRIFT LIKE WORRIED FIRE” respectively and two six-and-a-half minute drones (stitched into the album sequence on CD; cut separately on their own 7″ for the LP version).

GYBE will be performing two dates in the UK at London’s Kentish Town Forum on 4th and 5th of November. You can find more information on the Constellation website.

Hear Thurston Moore’s New Band

Thurston Moore has announced that Chelsea Light Moving is the name of his new band. This is the same band that he has been touring his last solo album on the road with. His band mates are Keith Wood [Hush Arbors] on guitar, Samara Lubelski [Hall of Fame] on bass and John Moloney [Sunburned Hand of the Man] on drums.

The band are working on their debut album for Matador Records, here is a mp3 of a track called “Groovy & Linda”

Oh, and here is a video for the previously released track “Burroughs”

sneaky peek at Can’s Lost Tapes

In the post today from Mute Records came a tantalising 5 track sampler CD for Can’s Lost Tapes box set, which comes out on Monday. Five tracks at first sounds a bit meagre at first but remember, this is Can. There’s no two minute wonders.

Starts off with a deceptively low-fi intro and then kicks off in full on high fidelity. A classic TV theme from Can with a fast-paced, groovy stomp. Kind of what might have been if Can had done the Bond theme instead of John Barry.

2.Deadly Dorris
This one has Malcolm Mooney on vocals. Seems more raw, low-fi compared to the other material on here. Has more of a ‘Delay 1968’ than a ‘Monster Movie’ vibe to it. Sorta Jimi Hendrix singing for The Velvets in punk mode.

3.Abra Cada Braxas
A mad session with Damo doing some insane vocal aerobics. He sounds like an opera singer on LSD. The band groove out on a mellow “Future Days” era style beat and then it goes into a mad wig-out ala “Soup” or the second disc of “Tago Mago”. The big shock comes when they finish and you hear an audience screaming with delirious approval. The sound quality is so vivid, so excellently mastered, I had no idea this was a live track until they applauded.

4.Midnight Men
Instrumental jam, very in the “Landed” mode, slightly reminiscent of “Vernal Equinox”. Beautiful driving space rock with tight rhythms, searching guitar and some of the most beautiful keyboard work Irmin has ever done – very trippy sounds he’s getting here. It goes into a weird, percussive breakdown like a Martian/African ethnological forgery. In fact, this is the trippiest thing I’ve ever heard from Can.

5.Mushroom (live)
It’s “Mushroom”, Jim, but not as we know it. As with the third track on here, this is amazing sound quality (must buy the “Tago Mago” reissue with the live disc, going by the quality here). Obviously, they’re doing something very different here. The rhythm is recognisable but differently paced. Damo occasionally uses the old “I was born/and I was dead” refrain but for the most part is making it up. Irmin and Michael are doing something very new and different. I’d go as far as to say quite a menacing version.

So, just a teaser lasting 35 minutes but it’s got me psyched. I knows there’s other tracks out on the web for streaming but this is the real deal, fully mastered on CD and played through my hi-fi not some crappy digital format played through my laptop’s speakers.

“The Lost Tapes” is out on Monday 18th June and is currently £29.99 from Amazon