Its Alive!

Delighted to say that Was Ist Das? is putting on its very first USA concert. Its not been two years since we relocated to Phoenix, Arizona and apart from DJing a couple of times at other people’s shows, things have been quiet. All that changes Friday 14th September.

Well, been desperate to see Father Murphy live and they’ve announced they are calling it a day so I just had to. The enigmatic Italian psychedelic occult duo have released their final album, the acclaimed “Rising. A Requiem For Father Murph”, and are going out on one last tour of the world. That tour includes Phoenix, Arizona. What does Father Murphy sound like? Every album seems different. Psychedelic? Classical? Soundtracks? Laments? Yes to all the above and more. They’ve played with Swans, Xiu Xiu and gone everywhere. They will be missed. Make sure you don’t miss them tonight.

Sunn Trio are one of the hottest acts in Phoenix. Tight, pulsing explorations in sound that bring to mind everything from surf to Sun Ra, Arabian to garage rock. They have just announced their second album will be coming out around the same time on European label Unrock who have released countless Sun City Girls-affiliated releases so the Phoenix connection is staying strong.

Lana Del Rabies is a one-woman powerhouse of intense vocals and crushing noise. The only sane response to insane times. Praise has been coming in fast including from The Wire who said “…a sensorial passion for modern horror soundtracks, to construct a terrifying collection of sonic hauntings.”Really delighted to have my first choice for line-up all say yes. It’s all happening at The Lunchbox a fantastic intimate venue but with a proper stage, bar and P.A. I love it when a plan comes together.

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