I don’t know if anyone is still here amidst all the blowing tumbleweed but seemed like as good a place as any to post. The website is now 12 years old. When I moved to Hebden Bridge from Huddersfield I gave the site a drastic overhaul. As I’m now in Phoenix, Arizona, a good refurbishment seems in order but this time just doing a bit at a time. So far, just changed most of the buttons. The new theme is taking a picture of the UK and having the words cut out of a picture of the US. Seemed apt. Hopefully slightly easier to read to.

The second step is going to be to ditch these Word Press based ‘blog’ style pages with normal webpages. Word Press is great to use, so easy, but it keeps getting hacked and I just can’t be bothered dealing with that any more. T

Love & Burritos


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