Orange Car Crash – Simple Music

Orange Car Crash is an astounding debut release. It’s the solo project of Andrea Davi from Italian psyche wonders the Lay Llamas and the more dark, intense Mamuthones and the aptly named The Beautiful Bunker.

As with so much of the underground music coming out of Italy right now, categories become blunt tools for attempting to describe the sounds. What is it? Jazz? Ethnological Forgery? Psychedelic? Minimalist electronics? Percussion jams? Prog? All of the above? At once? And that’s just the first track. It’s a killer album and makes my day with every play.

Taking orders now from our bandcamp page

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Hush Arbors – Albion Way

five tracks of beautiful, blissful American primitive guitar stylings out in time for your Autumn sunshine adventures. Hush Arbors is the project of Keith Woods who as well as releasing albums for seminal labels like Digitalis, Ecstatic Peace & Blackest Rainbow, has also found time to play with Thurston Moore, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Current 93 and Six Organs of Admittance. He’s about to play a few NW USA shows with Cass McCombs.

Available to order now from our bandcamp page


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Nihilist Spasm Band / Metabolismus – split album

nihilist spasm band metabolismus split 

Honoured to be releasing this very fine and very wild split tape, the brainchild of Klemen from It’s Psychedelic Baby magazine who has kindly contributed sleeve notes.

On side one, we have Nihilist Spasm Band. Formed in 1965, they made the infamous Nurse With Wound list in 1979 for their sterling work in breaking down musical rules and boundaries through their weekly jams and sporadic releases. So sporadic they even took 11 years between their first and second albums. It is a marvelous thing to have them out on Was Ist Das?

Over on side two are the musical collective Metabolismus from Stuttgart, Germany who have been putting out mind-altering blasts of other music since 1989. Their fluid line-up sometimes includes Samara Lubelski Taking their cues from the NSB, they’ve gone and built their own instruments too for this one and laid down some rambunctious improve of their own.

Artwork by Polish artist Dorota Jurczak

Limited edition cassette with a download code, available to order now from our bandcamp page

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Stuart Chalmers – In The Heart of the Wilderness

IMG_20160711_160145I first came across the astonishing sound experiments of Stuart Chalmers in 2012 when he put out his “Myths and Beasts” tape on The Lows and The Highs Records. Stuart is both a musician and a sound manipulator, creating his own sounds for his experiments. For this album, the sounds were made using a Swarmandal prepared with objects, effect pedals, tape and Yamaha VSS200.


WAS23 – limited edition of 50 and comes with a download code. Buy from our bandcamp page


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Worship My Panther – This Is Scaldhouse

instagrammedWorship My Panther is a new solo project from Woven Skull’s drummer Willie Stewart. However, for this album he’s put down the sticks and picked up the electronics to make up his own new musical genre – Scaldhouse. Mad, funky and freaky electronics – kind of in the orbits of Astral Social Club, Coil’s more whacked instrumental work, Hellvete or even Slash from Guns n Roses trying to make a funky techno record after not sleeping for five days

Its a VERY limited edition  of 60 copies. Was Ist Das? is moving to America this Summer so there’s two versions of this tape. The artist’s copies were made in Yorkshire on brown C35 tapes with cream cases came out 25th May. The label copies are going to be born in the USA and taking pre-orders now from our bandcamp page





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These Feathers Have Plumes / Isnaj Dui

IMG_20160408_154542For our second split album, we once again try to pursue a certain symmetry in our artists. These Feathers Have Plumes is the solo project of Andie Brown who was previously a member of Cindytalk, Remedial Queen of England and Infinite Space, Infinite Stars. Isnaj Dui is the solo project of Katie English, formerly of The Owl Service and one half of The Sly and Unseen. Andie’s instrument of choice is a collection of extremely large wine glasses fitted with microphones whilst Katie leans heavily towards the flute but both artists are expert producers and create atmospheric soundscapes.

Limited edition of 75 on white & black tapes and comes with a download code.

Available now from

“…especially touched by magick…” – The Quietus

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David Colohan – Hill Of The Moon

IMG_20160216_172443A very special double cassette release by David Colohan.

David is one of the co-founders of acclaimed Irish collective United Bible Studies and also helms his own Raising Holy Sparks. He also used to record as Agitated Radio Pilot.  He’s always in The Wire these days and just before Christmas he was on a split release with his UBS bandmate Richard Moult

Imagine If Popol Vuh lived in rural Ireland and were in thrall to the local landscape and folklore then this is how it would sound. A hypnotic, devotional work imbued with strange, inexplicable, almost Neolithic atmospheres. It’s bloody wonderful of course and is only a limited edition of 100. Oh, and it comes with a download coupon.


quite simply a modern masterpiece. Atmospheric, evocative and drenched in an earthy beauty” – Grey Malkin, The Active Listener
Something centuries old = mysterious and magical music…” – Fluid Radio


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Gwendolen Osmond – The Mermaid

the mermaid

Very excited to be putting out the debut solo release from Gwendolen Osmond. Gwen is a multi-disciplinary artist, involved heavily in dance as well as music and film. She is a member of the duo Crystal Mirrors who have shared stages with Natural Snow Buildings, Wanda Group and Paddy Steer. They also put out releases on the ever collectable Folklore Tapes series.

“The Mermaid” is a series of haunting, piano-led songs with reverb drenched vocals in English and French. The songs evoke the melancholia of a seaside resort enveloped in cold weather, perfect for Winter. Cover photo and design by myself.

This is a very limited edition of 40


Order from


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Jake Blanchard – Shade


Our very first foray into vinyl is this wonderful album from Jake Blanchard. Although Jake made his name as an illustrator, he then followed that up with an ever increasingly power run of limited releases for the likes of Feathered Coyote, Ikuisuus and his own label Tor Press.

Now comes his greatest release yet, “Shade”. An ambitious drone work, densely layered and hypnotic. It felt like the time for a vinyl release.

Hand cut lathes created by The Bricoleur and hand made sleeves by Jake himself. Limited edition of 30.



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