Bird People – Constellations

IMG_20150822_165432 From Vienna, Austria hails Ulrich Rois’ majestic Bird People project. Sometimes its just Ulrich and sometimes its a full band. For “Constellations” its a trio of Ulrich, Roy Culbertson III and Lucas Henao Serna. This time the drone harvest is one with a rich vein of Indian classical drone via the anticipation of Austrian spring. Ulrich, Roy and Lucas on this album use lap steel, singing bowls, mountain dulcimer, shruti box, bass, esraj, banjo, singing bowls, gong, accordion and electric organ to take you away to imaginary mountain retreats and impossible landscapes.

Easily the deepest, most blissed-out release yet to grace our spools. This one is a limited edition of 75 and comes on fluorescent green tapes with beautiful cover artwork by Sarah Coppen.

Out mid to late August, pre ordering now from HERE


Saturday, July 25th, 2015 Tape

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  • Sophie says:

    artwork is amazing!!!

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