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One Eleven Heavy – Live At Jam Castle

Kind of a big deal for us. One Eleven Heavy are the supergroup of Wooden Wand, Hans Chew, Dan Brown from Royal Trux, Nick Mitchell Maiato and Jake Morris (from Stephen Malkmus’ band). They’ve done two absolute killer albums but I could totally smell that they must be quite the jammers live, even though they haven’t played our my way yet.

Ages ago I said I’d love to put out a live album for them and here it is at last,
their first ever live album and I knew I was right – it’s a roaring gem. They explode those album tracks with amazing vivacity. And of course there’s some killer jam outs. Classic rock 2020 style. It’s the album in your collection that even your cool Uncle digs

You can order it right now on pro digipak CD or digital from here:

Josh Doss – Don’t Let Your Time Pass You By

A tape, yesterdaySinger-songwriter Josh Doss is from Lexington, KY and has spent several years honing his craft and putting out his own CDRs and downloads. Recommended to me by the great James Jackson Toth (who is always right, be it about music shopping, artists or me needing to get glasses), Josh agreed to do a tape for me and put together a band for it. While his songwriting is in the great North American tradition, touching all the greats, his approach to music echoes through the more avant garde side of rock, recalling Velvet Undeground or those classic Spacemen 3 demos that Father Yod put out.

The three piece band sound amazing with a warm, fuzzy, tight sound. There’s some spectacular jammage on tracks like “Come With Me” and “Suspicious” that sounds like Malcolm Mooney-era Can covering California period Fleetwood Mac. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to put this out and I can guarantee you’re going to be hearing more from this guy in the future.

“hazed late-night gems tipping on a fulcrum of damped down boogie blues and sore-throated Americana” – Raven Sings The Blues

This is also WAS34. Its a good number.

Wooden Wand – Ogre 99: Live in Fort Collins

Just can’t believe how the tape label is going, been getting all my favourite artists to do releases for me. Wooden Wand is another regular on our home stereo. Is he the greatest songwriter of our times? I think so, and so do many others.

Captured during his 2014 living room tour, its an intimate solo set that suddenly morphs into a trio show two-thirds of the way through. Featuring some choice picks from the back catalogue plus brand new song “Dear Joan”, which can hold its head up there with the rest of them. Only 100 copies and the artwork is by Jake Blanchard so its definitely not to be missed…

1. Spitting At The Cameras
2. LA Manna
3. Dear Joan
4. Tiny Confessions
5. Winter in Kentucky
6. Passin’ Thru
7. Eagle Claw
8. Days This Long
9. Mother Midnight

Tracks 7-9 feature Meagan Siebe and Kevin Donahue
Artwork by Jake Blanchard
Data Processing by Ned Netherwood
Thanks to Host Jimmy, Simon Joyner & The Ghosts, and the beautiful state of Colorado for Ogre 99.

Volcanic Tongue said “Magical/dazed live in a living room recording of James Toth aka Wooden Wand: Ogre 99 presents a classic stripped down/Basement Tapes-style re-think of some of Toth’s greatest big band compositions, with six solo, straight from the void broadcasts and three trio jams. As much as I love the big band jams there has always been something particularly special about Toth’s solo blats and the high, distant sound of this recordings sits perfectly….Some great between song gassing too – highly recommended!