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Suzuki Junzo – The Magus / Live Phantasmagoria Vol.1

Our first ever box set! You get “The Magus” – a studio album of scorched psychedelia from the great cosmic bluesman, Suzuki Junzo. Features drums from the legendary Takahashi Ikuro who has beat the skins for everyone from Fushitsusha, High Rise, LSD March and countless others. The second cassette in the box set, “Live Phantasmagoria Vol.1” features a live set from Junzo and Ikuro! Limited edition of 60, get it from here

WAS36 & WAS37.

Suzuki Junzo – If I Die Before I Wake

IMG_20150625_142242We’re very proud to have been putting Suzuki Junzo on in Hebden Bridge every year since 2010 and we’re even prouder to be releasing the next chapter in his recording career. How to describe Junzo’s work to the unitiated? He is a cosmic bluesman whose work ranges from skeltal laments to space-ripping walls of noise. His live shoes and records usually capture all these extremes. He’s in bands with Tabata Mitsuru of AMT/Zeni Geva, Koji Shimura of Mainliner

‘If I Die Before I Wake’ is another gem for his discography and takes an interesting new approach. Side one is all brand new studio work and sees Junzo accompanied by veteran drummer Takahashi Ikuro (High Rise, LSD March, Overhang Party and many more). Side two, meanwhile, is a live solo show from 2014 at the Fortress Callosum in San Francisco.

A: Studio 2015
1.Crossing the Valley of the Cosmic Death Demons [08:39]
2.Les Visiteurs du Soir [10:53]
3.If I Die Before I Wake [12:28]

B: Live at Fortress Callosum SF/CA, 21/11/2014
1.She Kissed Their Graves but They Hit Her with Their Ashes [04:38]
2.In the Lair of Norma Desmond / 4 Mosche di Velluto Grigio [22:49]

Limited edition of 70 copies, coming out July 13th. Pre orders now been taken from https://wasistdas.bigcartel.com