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Friends of Junzo – We Love You Junzo

Everybody who meets Suzuki Junzo loves the guy. Everybody who has seen him live drops their jaw on the floor. So when this February he suffered a intracerebral hemorrhage and a subarachnoid hemorrhage everyone was very worried. Junzo is now in a rehabilitation hospital and unable to tour or record music. Proceeds from this compilation will all go towards helping him financially but we want this to do more than that. This album is also one giant get well card, a huge sign of love from the world to Junzo. We love you Junzo and we know you got this but we’re all there cheering for you every step of the way.

Download only compilation sold on a seperate Bandcamp so that funds can go directly in Japanese currency to Junzo’s nearest & dearest.

1.20 Guilders – Wind Is (alternate take)
2.Sir Plastic Crimewave – Space Blues Devotion
3.Old Million Eye – Real Nightime
4.Jumble Hole Clough – For Junzo
5.Takeyari Shunta – My Lost City
6.Mienakunaru – Invisible Hammerblow
7.Carlton Melton – Chop Shop
8.Sky Burrow Tales – Jam For Junzo
9.Dead Sea Apes – Parasite Rex
10.Howie Reeve – Columbo Repeats
11.Mik Quantius – Power
12.Mike Vest – Zoid
13.Identiy Broker – One Night In Byker
14.Suzuki Junzo & Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska – The Order of the Ash Ra Solar Tempel
15.Black Holes Are Cannibals – Night Loner
16.Bart de Paepe – Rare Dromen
17.Lucy Adlington – The Double
18.TOMO – Vielle Electronica
19.Eric Arn – Side Nine
20.Kawabata Makoto – Beyond The Nanoverse
21.Frontière Dorée – Culpability Tango
22.Mienakunaru – (I)
23.Ashtray Navigations – The Apothesis of Vavavoom (live at Cafe Oto 20th March 2022)
24.Jyonson Tsu Band – German Zoo
25.Nick Jonah Davis – One For Junzo
26.Empty House – Every Little Step
27.Haramindarangure – Hofu Weed

released June 14, 2022

Artwork by Jake Blanchard
Organized by Ned Netherwood

Bird People – Molting

the much delayed (our fault) WAS40 is here and for a special number like that we needed someone special so here is Bird People again with a stellar 5/6 piece line-up incluidng Eric Arn [Primordial Undermind] and some absolute drop to the floor slowburn psyche rock.

Forget all your troubles and surf the sunset slipstream of this one!

released June 5, 2020

Eric Arn – electric guitar
Roy Culbertson III – drums, percussion, trombone, voice and electric violin
Johanna Forster – electric guitar
Lucas Henao Serna – drums and percussion
Michaela Konrad – accordion
Stefanie Neuhuber – alto sax
Johannes Oberhuber – bass, voice
Ulrich Rois – electric guitar

Recorded April and May 2018 on Olympus LS11 at Studio 7, Vienna, Austria
Mastering by Ulrich Rois
Cover Photography and Layout by Ned Netherwood