Ned Netherwood – Murgatroyd Hall

Murgatroyd Hall is a short story written and read by Ned Netherwood. Recorded in the great outdoors of Arizona and then mixed with a field recording from the house in Northern England that inspired the story.


Author’s note:
This was originally planned as a 1 track digital release, 2 track CDR version and then an expanded 2 track subscriber-only digital version. However, a strange anxiety stopped me making the CDR version and it was never sold. It fits into the framework of an unfinished short story collection themed on ‘Weird Pennines’ that I started

The subscriber version features a longer version of “Murgatroyd Hall”. The audiobook part is the same but the background sound carries on another 7 or so minutes. Then there’s a remix of the same length by The Lamp.

cover of the subscriber version. No frame

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