Bradford – Fuse – Mazy Way or A Luddite’s Height launch party – Wednesday 12th March 2014

exhibition Delighted to have been asked to DJ at this exhibition opening party at the Fuse Art Space, 5-7, Rawson Place, Bradford, BD1 3QQ. Free entry and free beer courtesy of Salamander Brewery.

Jamie and Rickie McNeill’s art works have been variously described as copies of worm casts, measurements founded in the megalithic inch, water time signals, and everything in between. Misreadings aside, what’s most apparent – even from the most cursory glance at their ‘stuff’ – is the palpable sense of two brothers from Strathclyde quietly and consanguineously going about their business (of Art).

Their use of materials – astral, geological or otherwise – is scrambled but predominately orthogonal, and their continued policy of exponentialism – as regards colour – stands in direct opposition to the current prevailing economy of death. Contrary to what is often claimed there is, in fact, a distant liquefying and melted appropriative aesthetic present which, although not face-to-face, is at least mirth provoking.

More info on their work can be found at the following website

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