Micro Bar, Manchester

A shopping mall is not normally somewhere you would go hunting for decent beer but they do things differently in Manchester. The Arndale Centre has two seperate food courts. The first on the top floor is just the usual fast food chains plopping out salt and cola. The second is hidden away on the High Street facing the Northern Quarter and this is where the magic happens: a strange mixture of food outlets ranging from grocery-type stores such as a butchers and an organic grocers to actual meal providers like an actual authentic Mexican food stall and….Micro Bar.

Run by the Boggart Brewery (creators of the very naughty Rum Porter which is part pint/part pudding) it is a thoroughly modern blend of cask ale and bottled beers from around the world. There will always be some Boggart beers on tap and special guests. The bottles take in Beligium, Britain and the USA.

You can sit right at the bar on stools for a traditional bar experience or wander off to sit by the window of the food court and enjoy some good food with your real ale. Micro Bar is a strange, unusual concept and one that really made me do a double-take when I stumbled upon it by chance. However, it somehow works. I think if all malls were like this, I wouldn’t hate them so much.

the view from High Street

the view from High Street

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