Like Beatlemania but for fruit beer

Something quite odd happened in Arizona this Summer. The effects may have gone further afield but I didn’t. Right here in Phoenix during the fiercest summer, people were flying into their cars when they saw on social media that beer had arrived from a Viking-themed in Fargo, North Dakota.

Phoenicians were queuing up outside to get their hands on the latest arrivals from Drekker Brewing. They have some very on point IPAs, pastry sours but the big draw for everyone is their ridiculously thick fruit sours. Hitting around the 7% mark, they’re the bastard offspring of a saison and a smoothie. Did I get involved in the madness too?

Yes. It was a crazy summer. Things are calming down now. The beers stay on the shelves for a day or two rather than vanishing in an hour. I wouldn’t be surprised if the brewers of Arizona don’t all hit us with thick fruit sours for Summer 2021.

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