Lonesome Valley Brewing, Prescott Valley

3040 N Windsong Dr Prescott Valley, AZ

Hiking around Lynx Lake this Summer I began to develop a considerable thirst and took to my phone to see if there were any breweries in the vicinity. I was delighted to see this alluringly named place was just a few miles away and on the way home. My designated driver was down with the plan and it was payday. Dogs allowed on the patio and food served. Deal.

Sadly, despite the name and the close proximity to a local beauty spot, the bar is by a busy road in a built up area. That all went out of the window though when their Hoptumis Pryem pale ale hit my tastebuds. Oh God after an August hike it was like first aid for my throat. A certifiable classic pale and impossible not to gulp down.

Next target was The Riveter, a rosemary sour. Mightily tart and so refreshing that it bordered on decadent. By this point the food had arrived and stone me if that was not the best soft pretzel I have ever eaten, even better than the ones in Germany.

What was really crazy though were the men’s toilets. Decorated with beer matts from all over the worlds, many quite old including the English ones. Some I’d not seen since I was a small child in the beer garden with a bottle of coke and a bag of Seabrook’s crisps. Sadly my phone had died so no evidence this visit.

I took away a growler fill of Power Jam, a traditional porter with no crazy flourishes, just straight up classic style. Sorry about the dirty draining matt under it. That’s my home not their brewery!

Its not exactly my local but I will be back.

First two photos by Chris Letson.

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