Modern Times Lomaland Fermentorium, San Diego

3725 Greenwood St San Diego, CA

When it comes to American craft ale, Modern Times seem to have taken the throne these last couple of years. Whether it’s my local beer shop in Phoenix or the celebrated Tor Beers back home in West Yorkshire, their beers are prominent on display and sell fast.

So, after a quick trip to L.A. we failed to head straight back to Phoenix. The magnetic pull of Modern Times drew us South to San Diego to check out one of their brewery locations. There are about three visitable MT sites there now but the Lomaland Fermentorium was the easiest to get to from the freeway.

Right in the heart of an industrial district, this huge unit was a hive of activity with actual brewing (and roasting) going on. We came hoping they’d have lots of tasty onsite exclusives that you dont get in a can at your local. We were not disappointed, in fact we were overwhelmed. It took all of us a while to work out what to do.

The only same way around it was to all order little 5oz sampler glasses of what was on offer and pass it round the group. We tried sours, pales, hazy IPAs, porters and, most importantly, barrel aged stouts. Nothing let us down and we had some very high hopes to start with. It was a liquid banquet.

It’s a palace of good beer. There’s no food on offer other than cakes and cookies but they let you bring your own so who cares? This isnt a gastropub, this is an all year long beer festival. San Diego is a wonderful city and well worth visiting anyway so if you do go, make sure you make some time for Modern Times.

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