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SUPERSILENT @ Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival - Lawrence Batley Theatre, Saturday 19th November 2005

They never rehearse. They never discuss their music. They are Supersilent from Norway and as you can imagine, they don't take any prisoners. 2 members of the band are on keyboards and electronics. One member is at the back, manipulating a vast sound desk and then there's 1 member sat at a drum kit, sometimes playing trumpet, sometimes doing vocals.

The concert begins with a lone, sad trumpet sound before the electronics begin to sneak in slowly, twisting the song into something else altogether. Then the song begins to build into a furious wall of sound. The drumming is nothing short of incredible - rhythmic yet jarring, moving but nervous like a faulty heartbeat.

That is Supersilent all over, a contradiction, like their name itself. Staying with the theme of contradictions, here's one: Supersilent are at their most beautiful when they make the loudest noise. A mighty river of head-pounding electronic sounds underpinned by that bizarre, hypnotic drumming. Imagine if Aphex Twin was an improv trio.

Is there a genre of category for Supersilent? No, of course not. They would appeal to open-minded fans of free jazz, post-rock
and braindance. They perhaps owe a debt to all 3 of these genres but belong to none of them. They are also an absolute blast live.

Review by Ned Netherwood
Photos courtesy of hcmf
Thanks to Sheralyn at hcmf

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