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Hello Mr. Ural Owl

look! An Ural Owl. Hi there. Uh-oh, the Urals are very aggressive and will attack you if you come near their nest.

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Owl Beer From Colorado

Not had the pleasure yet of this beer from Colorado brewery Odell’s but I am getting pretty obsessed with their amazing IPA which seems to be coming more and more commonplace here in the UK. Hope I can find one … Continue reading

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It’s a laughing owl!

Photographed Tin Man Lee captured this amazing shot of a Snowy Owl yawning in a way that made it look like ti was yawning. The shot has now gone global

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Adopt An Owl!

Gift Republic do a very nice gift to get for your fellow owl-lovers – “Adopt An Owl” gift box back. Each pack allows the recipient to adopt an owl (they can choose the species) for 12 months. This supports the … Continue reading

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Owls In The Stove

The Parkers of Stowmarket, UK returned home from a trip away to discover two tawny owls inside their wood burning stove. They had squeezed down the chimney flue into the stove. Fortunately, rather than cook them, the Parkers released them. … Continue reading

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Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole

Based on the books by Kathryn Lasky, this film is a funny old beast. To look at the poster you would expect a cutsie family film with plenty of comic relief but a quick look at the details reveals the … Continue reading

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The owls won’t stop barking……..

It is OK, I’ve not had a breakdown. The post title refers to the fact that these little blighters are the Barking Owl, AKA the Barking Boobook or Winking Owl. I think I prefer The Barking Boobook. Anyway, the name … Continue reading

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The Owl Service

Always meant to read this book. I shall give it a go soon. It won awards, got turned into a TV show and even had a very good band named after it. The back cover blurb states: Winner of both … Continue reading

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an owl in the hand…..

Hi, my name is Ned & I’m an owlaholic. Don’t try this at home, those will be the hands of a professional owl-handler.

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Good-Night, Owl!

Here is our household’s latest owl-related score, a classic storybook for children by Yorkshire-born artist Pat Hutchins. As you can tell by the cover it has a very 70s aesthetic and this edition is an ex-library book so it had … Continue reading

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