more owl beer!

Put one of these into my belly last night. It’s billed as a “premium ale” but comes in a bottle. Generally prefer this sort of thing out of a barrel but to be honest it was nice, mellow and cheekily hoppy. In fact, I would buy this one again for home drinking.

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  1. david 'owl' says:

    despite starting with ‘feline’ i have been an owl name for a couple of years …

    anyway, i saw this beer selling today in B+M chavvy supermarket in Halifax for 79p : sell by early october (think is too overdated for me to sup !).
    TYour forum now gone ???!!!

    • YorkshireNed says:

      I got mine in someplace similar to B&M but in Manchester for less than £1, if memory serves. The forum was dead and I was getting tons of spammers signing up every single day. It was a lot of work going through blocking and banning them all and as nobody had posted for a few months I just cut it off. However, I think we’re going to link up to the Bang the Bore forum very soon.

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