Lithuanian owl art


Algirdas Steponavičius,(1927-1996) Lithuanian painter and graphic artist, book illustrator and writer.

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Can you bear it?


By Yuri Vanetsov

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Incredibly heartwarming photo of a tiny owl taking shelter from the rain underneath a mushroom


Not quite sure why it needed captioning but enjoy

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Woodchip Owl


By Sergei Bobkov

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More Owl Beer!



And quite a nice mellow ale it is too, though not very American tasting (and certainly not American alcohol content!)

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another owl painting

12698587_10207222997510867_3832513863721482373_oThis one is buy Adam Burke. Here is his instagram and his shop. many remarkable things there

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Light of the Owls by Kelly Louise Judd

image See more of the artists work at

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A damn fine tawny owl


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Save Britain’s Barn Owls

barn_owls_spl_4_470x317OK, something a bit more serious for a change. The Barn Owtl trust has launched a petition against the use of powerful rat posons that are killing Britain’s Barn owls. It is thought that 8 in 10 barn owls now have traces of the deadly toxins in their blood. Whilst not lethal to the owls, it is thought to affect their ability to hunt and breed.

Currently the UK government is reviewing the use of such poisons, so help create a little pressure and sign the petition HERE!

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Of course, there’s a coffee table book devoted to owls….

…why wouldn’t there be?


Get it here

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