Guru Guru – Guru Guru

In many ways, the last of the classic quartet of albums from the seventies that made this band such a legend. There are a couple of three minute songs that serve as tasters for the album’s big three – starting off with the thirteen minute ‘Medley” and Genrich’s guitar work just sizzles as the rhythm section sound like they’re standing next to you.

The opening guitar led section is mind-blowing for all you Krautrock guitar freaks, then, at five minutes in, the band steam into this rock ‘n’ roll medley of ‘Something Else’, ‘Weekend’ and ‘Twenty Flight Rock’ as you are carried away of a searing set of “Kraut-rock ‘n’ roll”. Pure Guru mix of musical genius and humour in the same breath. The twelve mnute ‘Story Of Life’ is one of their trademark spacier tracks, opening with a jazzy section before cruising into this long sea of guitar-dominated, red-hot, cosmic guitar jamming, the band really sounding so spot on.

Finallly the album’s tour-de-force and future live favourite, ‘Der Elektrolurch’, nearly ten minutes of the essence of everything that made this band such a legend – starting sedate, moving into flowing languid, guitar-led jamming-style territory, before the mid-section that really messes with your head with its voice, throbbing bass, speaker-to-speaker guitar effects then that pause…before the band launch into the furnace finale with all guitars, drums and bass blazing. Truly a classic.
Reviewed by Andy Garibaldi


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