Electric Sandwich – Electric Sandwich

Odd thing was that, when this album came out in 1972, this band actually had more than their fair share of success with this album thanks to an edit of the lead track, the only instrumental on the album, doing things as a single – I remember all the promo material relating to it that sailed through the post as the Brain label proudly proclaimed its success. The track itself, in its album-length long version, over eight minutes, sizzles with on-fire guitar work as the rumbling, rolling drum rhythms and deep bass underpin this superb sea of searing wah-wah and steaming lead electric guitar work that lights up like a beacon, a bit like Frank Marino-meets-Paul Rudolph, and seriously hot stuff.
After this, it’s down to a pretty decent set of bluesy rock songs so typical of the bands of the Krautrock time, all infused with some electrifying guitar work and even, as a set of songs, better than most, with some decent writing it has to be said, and now the tracks have been remastered, the whole thing’s really come to life. The six minute Devil’s Dream’ boasts a fine sax solo while the five minute ‘Nervous Creek’ is right out of the early Blue Cheer/Groundhogs/Savoy Brown way of things only way more psychedelic. The four minute ‘It’s No Use To Run’ is a really strong and steaming mix of psychedelia and blues with a stinging guitar solo that really cuts through. Three further bluesy songs with a decidedly seventies Krautrock feel, complete what is actually a much better sounding album and certainly more enjoyable, than I would have given credit, the recent remaster certainly playing a vital part in this.

review by Andy Garibaldi

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